by No Apology

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released September 1, 2014

Recorded at The Lounge Wigan and Patron Sound by Elliot Middleton.



all rights reserved


No Apology Manchester, UK

Hardcore skate punk from Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Eating Rats
Broken end to a broken home.
Fickle words carved into stone.
My time is useless, my efforts go missed.
I feel my youth slip through my fingertips.

I feel myself running out of time.
Next time there won't be a next time.

Twisted path leads me away from the light.
I try and try and try to fight.
I wanna layout and be put to sleep.
But I can't stop now because I'm in too deep.
Track Name: Misunderstood
Back when I was young I was so misunderstood.
Trying to fit in, no I never was so good.
The people I knew filled me up with negativity.
I shunned myself, I shunned my family.

Always looking for release. Never finding what I need.

Like a river the hate ran through me.

I hated what I had become.
No fucking good to me or no one.
Track Name: Stab Me In The Back
Your life has no direction.
Too focused on frustration.
And now I've lost my patience.
So please just leave.

You've lied to me and yourself.
Stood up for someone and something else.
So what's the use.

Stab me in the back.

You wanted nothing from me.
You wanted nothing from this.
You wanted nothing from us.
We don't seem to exist.

Stab me in the back.
Track Name: Bad Luck
You've messed up every hand you've been dealt.
Never think of others, just think of yourself.
The selfishness that you don't see.
Affects everyone and everything around me.

It's easy to not give a shit.
Going through life, not taking and hits.
I've had enough, you make me feel like nothing.
All the while I've worked towards something.
But it all must come to an end.
I've had my run of bad luck.
Track Name: Persist
There's no point in worrying about something.
Because in the end it all means nothing.